7 June, 2015  

31 May, 2015  

16 May, 2015  

6 , 2015   RAS reduces funding for research institutes 5% and reflects on early elections

6 , 2015   Generation of janitors and watchmen

20 Marth, 2015   "The Caucasus and Central Asia - politics, culture and peoples"

19 Marth, 2015  

2 February, 2015  

19 January, 2015   Major publications doctor of historical sciences SH Kadyrov about him (for the 60th anniversary of his birth)

6 Marth, 2014   Russian universities in the world rankings a little, and they occupy in these rankings last lines

13 February, 2014   Seminar "Symbolism in traditional culture of the Caucasian peoples"

31 January, 2014   Russia - Europe: counter scientific courses

30 January, 2014   Russian Science Foundation will be the largest investor in basic science

30 January, 2014  

29 January, 2014  

29 January, 2014  

22 January, 2014  

17 January, 2014   Opportunities and risks of the grant funding for science

3 December, 2013  

18 November, 2013   The political elite of the Caucasus : Research and Challenges "

17 September, 2013  

11 September, 2013  

9 September, 2013   The future of the Academy and the future of Russia is closely intertwined

7 September, 2013   Struggle ahead!

1 August, 2013   The main function of the Academy

1 August, 2013   Contacting the Department of Historical and Philological Sciences Division

28 July, 2013   As scientists are protesting today. Photo report from the rally in defense of the Russian Academy of Sciences July 27, 2013 in Moscow

27 July, 2013   Scientists protest against the under-funding of science

26 July, 2013   What were disadvantages defects present system suffers Control Science?

26 July, 2013   Roadmap self-reform of the RAS. The initiative survey researchers

21 July, 2013   Impact of the reform of the RAS for Russian scientific community

17 July, 2013   Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences: The opinions, estimates, judgments

8 June, 2013   Uzbekistans foreign policy at the present stage

20 , 2013   Are the Russians to modernize

26 Marth, 2013   Dissertation council waits scale "cleaning"

26 Marth, 2013   Employees of Oriental Studies of the role of Muslims in Russian foreign policy

12 Marth, 2013  

11 Marth, 2013   The smallest wage in RAS and MSU

8 Marth, 2013   Congratulations!

7 Marth, 2013   Through "Antiplagiat"

31 December, 2012  

14 August, 2012   The Russian-Georgian dialogue: a view of young experts

2 July, 2012   Congratulations, John!

20 June, 2012   Reality and dreams the one who not left Russia

1 June, 2012   G.A Genko (St. Petersburg). From the memoirs of his father

12 May, 2012   "The New Eastern diplomacy"

14 , 2012   International Conference: Call for papers

15 Marth, 2012   April 23 at 13:00. Pritchin Stanislav. The problem of the international legal status of the Caspian Sea and Russias strategic interests in the region in 1991-2011 years.

14 Marth, 2012   Kostyukhin AA The relationship of NATO with Central Asian states and their influence on the military security of Russia (1991-2010).

14 Marth, 2012   The Institute of Oriental Studies February 8, 2012 a round table on "Actual problems of modern Caucasian."

15 February, 2012   Islam and Globalization: Presentation of Leonid Sukkiyaynens book

23 January, 2012   "Argwani aul" by Patimat Takhnaeva

19 October, 2011   International Conference Towards a Social History of Turkmenistan, 1860-1960: Research Trends in Ethnography and History

5 October, 2011   CERC Seminar Arabian spring: social protest or resurgence of Islam?

26 September, 2011   CERC Seminar Regional politics of Turkey and international relations in the Black Sea region

19 September, 2011   Seminar Religious and political situation in Dagestan

13 December, 2010   International seminar Diasporas, ethnic minorities or immigrants? Transformation on post soviet space

26 November, 2010   International conference on the archeology of Caucasus

17 October, 2010   Seminar CCACS "Renaissance of Agvan Church: Problems and Prospects." Speaker - Zurab Kananchev.

22 September, 2010   Project presentation "Mountain dwellers of the North Caucasus in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" Reporter A. Bezugolny

12 September, 2010   Seminar CCACS "South Ossetia: two years after the recognition." Reporter A.G. Areshev

28 July, 2010   Seminar CCACS "Writing of Caucasian Albania in the light of Sinai finds." Reporter Z. Kananchev.

21 July, 2010   CCACS seminar: "The Jews of Iran and the Caucasus: History and Modernity". Speakers: L.Ravandi-Fada, A. Alikberov and R. Èmanuilov

16 July, 2010   Historical Memory of Peoples

7 July, 2010   Meeting with representative of the Japanese Embassy Iida Jiro

30 June, 2010   Meeting with experts of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA)


9 June, 2010   "Black Sea-Caspian region: the search for a new format of security and cooperation"

31 May, 2010   The situation in the Caucasus and prospects for regional security

27 May, 2010   The Seminar "Kirgizstan: socio-political situation and prospects"

27 May, 2010   The seminar: "Khazars in history, legends and myths"

27 May, 2010   Lecture by John Schoeberlein on the topic: "About the uniqueness of Islam in Central Eurasia"

27 May, 2010   The video space bridge Moscow - Ankara: "The Russian-Turkish economic and political relations"

27 May, 2010   Round-table discussion "Russia and Georgia: In search of new ways of understanding and cooperation mechanisms"

27 May, 2010   Round table (by secret) "On the evolution of the situation in Dagestan"

27 May, 2010   The round table "Uzbekistan as chairman of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

27 May, 2010   Seminar: "The Khazars in history, legends and myths."

27 May, 2010   Site analysis "Factors of conflict danger in the Caucasus"

25 May, 2010   International Conference "The situation in the Caucasus and prospects for regional security"

Center for Central Asian, Caucasian and Volga-Urals Studies
Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science

A. Tokov, graduate KCHGU Karachaevsk (KCR)

The problem of making the national idea in a multi-ethnic community: an analysis of the situation in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia

A.A.Glashev. The ancient Alans in the Karachai-Balkar culture and not only ...

Ahmad Glashev. Huns = Savirs = Khazars = Karachai-Balkars = Digorians

Andey Areshev

Ruslan Kurbanov

The problems with observance of muslim law in Karachai-Chirkessia

Karachaevo-Chirkassia Republic: four phases of contemporary political history (1979 - 2010)

Esma Gurgulia

Circassian diaspora in the Eastern Countries

Esma Gurgulia

Towards the notion of Diaspora